Comfortably Numb

3 August 1988
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Welcome to the extravagant story of my life! Actually not really, I'm a pretty simple guy who enjoys his various fandoms.

I've got an odd fascination with anime and RPG's. Cowboy Bebop is my absolute favorite anime, I won't bother going into details about my reasoning, it just is. I play all sorts of RPG's too, with gaming, that's mostly the genre I play, besides a little Adventure maybe. Games like Shin Megami Tensei, the Tales franchise, Final Fantasy, Xeno...those are some of my favorite. I'm also mostly a Playstation guy. I own a PS3 and a PSP. But I have my love for Mario too, I just don't own any at the moment. I also enjoy my Classic/Hard Rock, though that title kind of irritates me. Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Metallica, it goes on. I enjoy writing as well, so sometimes my posts are just entirely on a certain something I'm writing. I usually keep to writing original stuff, never tried any fan fictions before. Not that I don't like them, just never took the dip.

I mostly end up writing about the anime I watch, the RPG's I play, and the little writing snippets I...well write. So if your into that too, feel free to friend me...but leave a comment first.

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